Monday, July 8, 2013

Green Frog Hybrid Bus: New, Best and Safer way to travel

There is now a new, cleaner, spacier way to go around the met

Just last January, a Korean bus called the Green Frog Hybrid Bus was made available for commuters to use to go around Makati. This bus is said to be the 1st ever hybrid bus here in the Philippines.

Just when we thought those cool and clean buses we see in Singapore, Korea, Japan, New York, etc were only available in their respective countries, then ladies and gents, we are wrong. The Green Frog Bus is built with Hybrid technology where fuel consumption runs the vehicle and at the same time, charges the stored battery. After achieving 100% power, the engine will use the power of the battery to keep it moving. With this in mind, the buses emits 80% less than those normal buses that goes around the metro.

Aside from its environmental friendly feature, this vehicle will make sure you are safe and comfortable.  Here's why:

1. They have at least 2 CCTV cameras installed per bus in all their buses! You won't have to worry about pickpockets or those sneaky snatchers anymore.

2. Enjoy your space. The buses were designed to make you relax with your own space when you travel.

3. They have color coded seats for the elderly, pregnant and people with disabilities.

4. Their conditioning unit is at 22 degrees centigrade, perfect for the hot weather.

5.  In all of their buses, they have installed a GPS tracker to monitor the speed of the bus to guarantee that the drivers don't overspeed when travelling.

6. Commuters won't have to deal with drivers or conductors staying at one place for too long, waiting for passengers to fill up their bus. The drivers and conductors for this bus line have a fix salary, unlike some, if not all, bus companies here in the Philippines.

7. If you are lost and you can't find their bus, they have this "SAAN PO KAYO?" hotline. All you have to do is contact: 0917 640 3143 or 0917 640 3148 and tell them your location.

Another thing to take note of this bus company is that they have a very different take in their drivers and conductors. Unlike any other bus companies here in the Philippines, most of the drivers and conductors of this bus line are women. So hopefully, we are saying a slow goodbye to the mentality that conductors and bus drivers are only for men. The conductors also have a special seat, only for them.

oh and look! they have 2 mini baskets for you to place your bags/ other  items

What is nice with their staff is that they are very friendly, and always have a smile on their faces when they talk to you. Now that is not what you see in your ordinary bus trips here in Manila.

Lastly, the travelling expense. The Green Frog Hybrid bus is very affordable. The normal fair  is Php 15.00 but if you have their card, no matter how far the distance, they will only charge you Php 12.00 for the trip which is cheaper than the usual fair. The card is readily available and you can just ask it from the conductor. Hey, for what you will get for your trip, paying only 15/12 bucks is definitely worth it.

The sad part in all of these is that they have only 2 buses as of the moment, but by September, according to the conductor, they will be bringing in at least 6 more buses ready to travel around the metro.

Finally, a bus line that we have all been waiting for is here. Hopefully, most of the buses here in the Philippines will turn into this. Not only safe and convenient, but also environment friendly. This is definitely a must try bus if you are going around the Makati area.

For those who are curious, here are their routes:

Visit their Facebook page for more information and updates about their buses:

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